The Farm

The Borghese Cavazza Family has been olive farming on the western shores of lake

Garda since the late 19th century.

The Farm occupies most of the “San Fermo” promontory and part of the largest island on the lake, Isola del Garda  that is also the family’s home since 1903.

The farm covers a total surface of 70 hectars of morainic origin land directly on the lakeside, 17 hectars are covered by highly specialized olive plantations.

All our olive trees are registered  for D.O.P. (Protected Origin Denomination) in the Garda region.

The voluntary adhesion to such certification involves, as far as the farmer is concerned, additional costs and additional care in order to fulfil the parameters and pass the tests provided for by the production specification rules.

We take extra care in all the basic phases of our work, such as the choice of cultivars, pruning,  care  of  the  soil,  integrated     and  biological  parasite  control,  picking  and processing of the crop , filtering  and storage of the final product.


What is D.O.P.

Dop, standing for Pdo, protected designation of origin, is a quality label which is given to those food products whose peculiar characteristics depend basically or exclusively on the land where they are produced. The geographical environment includes both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics) and human factors (production techniques passed on from one generation to the next, artisan methods, know-how) which when combined together, allow to obtain a unique product which can be found only in that particular area. Besides, to be registered as Dop, products must be produced, transformed and processed in a well defined geographical area. The producers of DOP follow very rigid rules established by the production specifications, and the respect for these rules is guaranteed by third party control and certification bodies.


Characteristics of Garda D.O.P.

Archaeological findings in the area of Garda have brought to light that olive oil was used in this area since very ancient times: fruit-stones buried in potteries dating back to the Bronze Age demonstrate that inhabitants of the Lake were already familiar with olives, while the remains of oil pressers in the Roman period are an indication of the existence of a milling industry in the area. The importance of olives in this prosperous area is witnessed in the numerous historical documents of different period, starting from the middle ages up to now, apart from the citations of distinguished authors such as Catullus, Goethe and the Italian D’Annunzio. To fully understand the organoelectic characteristics of this specific olive oil it is necessary to understand that the lake of Garda is found at a meeting-point of three different regions which are in possession of specific connotations both at an administrative level and from the traditions’ point of view. And the latter determine the different peculiarities of the oil, which are also traceable to the productive systems linked to the traditional customs of the inhabitants and supported by the independent dispositions of the regional administrations.

Thanks to its delicateness and lightness the Garda Olive Oil does not cancel the tastes of the food it is served with, and thus can be used with hors d’oeuvres, with fish-based dishes and also in the preparation of cakes and sweets.

Olive oil must be preserved in a fresh and dry place, far from heat and at a temperature of around 14 to 20°C. In such favourable conditions the quality of the product remains intact for over 36 months. In lower temperatures oil can actually freeze and so, before serving it, must be poured in a recipient and kept at room temperature (16° to 18°C) for some minutes and frequently agitated, in order to allow the product to return to its original state.

The oil

The “Azienda agricola Borghese Cavazza “ extra virgin DOP Garda olive oil is produced exclusively  with olives grown and harvested on the farm mainly from “Casaliva”, “Leccino” and “Pendolino” cultivars with the addition of minor quantities of olives from local traditional varieties such as “Maurino”, “Gargnà”,” Moraiolo” and “Baia”( a particular native variety discovered  on  the  farm  with  extremely  low  acidic  values  and  an  ideal  quantity  of peroxides).

The olives are picked by hand and with the aid of a mechanical harvester when possible and are processed within a maximum of 48 hours .

The oil-making process is carried out by a cooperative with a cyclic cold press system and continuous horizontal centrifuges under the direct control of one of the farm owners who is also the vice president of the cooperative.

The typical values of our oil are as follows

Acidity                        max 0,2% (v.max <=0,5%)

Peroxides                   4meq.0 /Kg (v.max<=12meq)

Oleic acid                   74% (v.max<=74%)

Panel test                   7.2

The colour and taste can be described as

“Golden  yellow  with  shades  of  green,  limpid  coloured.  It  smells  fine  and  elaborate, distinguished by marks of fresh field grass, unripe Golden apple and elegant traces of rosemary . In the mouth it is wide and harmonic , vegetal, with marks of artichoke and distinct herbs”


Health related  facts

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the basics of the Mediterranean diet which has been recognised as beneficial for health purposes, and is a natural source of antioxidants. Vitamin E, flavonoids, phenol and pirollic pigments, all present in olive oil, provide protection from cancerous substances and induce protective action in cells resisting free radicals which are responsible for cellular aging.

During pregnancy:

Olive oil is recommended for consumption during pregnancy as a source energy from monounsaturated fat. Such fat is essential for the development of the central nervous system of the growing foetus.

For sport enthusiasts:

Extra virgin olive oil speeds up the digestive process and facilitates a rapid recuperation of movement thanks to its capacity to contrast gastric acidity and renew bacterial flora.

For the elderly:

For all those who need to reduce cholesterol levels in their blood, olive oil is able to supply a valid alternative to animal fats, and can also help increase the consumption of Vitamins A, D, E and K.








Azienda Agricola Borghese Cavazza, Via Mazzini 14 
25010 San Felice del Benaco (BS) ITALIA

Tel. +39 0365 62200  
Fax +39 0365 557449 
e-mail  cavazza@fornella.it

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